Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fantasy Coin/ Yassin/ Charm

At first glance, it is nothing special about these coins, however, the arts and sentences on these coins make me realise something. It is hide 1001 mysteries behind.
I believe that the coin/ token was not use as money to buy anything but more to inner secret matter. 
These fantasy coin is made by various themes due to the specific objective.

 In my opinion:

(1) Noah's Ark Theme ( Tema Bahtera Nabi Nuh) 

(MGMSabri collection)

Nuh (a.s) is one of prophets. References to him are written in Qur'an through Surah Hud (11: 27-51).
As a prophet, Nuh preached to his people to obey to Allah but only a few of them obey (become a believer). Nuh prayed for deliverance, and Allah told him to build a large ship in preparation for the flood. 

The theme is about "safety". Safe from any disturbance or anything in daily business.

(2) Bird Theme (what kind of bird???)

 (MGMSabri collection)

This bird may be "burung Cenderawasih" / Paradisaea apoda. This bird always narrated or refer to heaven.

This coin featured: Jawi word.
Prosperous and kindness the theme of this coin. 

(3) Old man theme

(MGMSabri collection)

Shows that wise old man bring some container (may be food/ clothes and anything).

 The theme play around prosperous, wisdom and lucky.

(4) A guard with two spears/ javelin theme

 (MGMSabri collection)

Protection from unwanted tragedy/ foe/etc.

"Zulfikar sword" at the reverse meaning that the courage, safety, protection and strong.

Or  may be these coins/tokens as a finger print/ an identity for those people who travelling around the world.
The opinions above just justification from the arts and symbols as stated on the coins/tokens.
Do comment and share the story, please. Thank you.


Dickson Niew said...

Dear MGM Sabri,
Looked to me,these are Die Casted Coins.And not Die Struck Coins.Take a closer look with 10X magnifying glass,you will see a lot of pourous spot on the field of the coin(Berlobang-lobang),
These are characteristic of a die casted coin because of the sand mould.
A Die struck coin is more prefered,and there are mostly genuine in those day!Just my opinion.Happy Sunday!

nas said...

wah... nice la...
mmg klasik n hebat la dapat syiling zaman dulu2
lagi2 zaman nabi nuh
lama xsinggah sini :P

Anonymous said...

what this coin worth ?