Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Coin and Banknote Shop Dealer in Petaling Jaya

Tomorrow, 1st October 2010 will be history to the owner of one exciting Banknote and coin shop at Petaling Jaya.


Because Ang (owner) will officially open their shop to the public and most welcome to all collectors in same ship...

So my friends...Please come to this shop as soon as possible.

In the end of August, I went to one shop for hunting trip.

Before this, I only contact the dealer with email and post to buy the banknotes.

What the items I buy from Ang (Peter)?

$2 dollar uncut Singapore, $1 dollar Z/1 and Z/2 Ship Series and etc.

For more information, you can contact Peter at:

Person to contact: SL Ang (Peter)
Mobile phone: 012-2008316


For those who are staying near to the vicinity of Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya area, it would be a relief to note that there is a new coin dealer shop located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. This is because all of the coin dealer shops are located either in Kuala Lumpur or in Klang. (with the exception that there are coin dealers actively selling mainly on Sunday at Amcorp Mall Petaling Jaya)

This coin dealer’s shop is called SL Collectors which is located at:

Ground floor (G063A) MILLENNIUM SQUARE,

Jalan 14/1, Section 14,

46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The building is in grey and white colour.

It is less than 8 minutes walk from the Asia Jaya LRT Station and is near to Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya.

The location map of the shop is as follows:

Location Map of the coin dealer shop,SL Collectors in Petaling Jaya, Selangor

In the SL Collectors shop, there is available reasonable priced coins and banknotes of high quality Straits Settlements,British North Borneo, Sarawak, Malaysia coins and banknotes. Besides there are many other world coins and banknotes or paper money.

In additions, there are also many rare China pre 1983 souvenir sheets,first day covers,postage stamps and others like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia,New Zealand and other parts of the world.


syiling peringatan malaysia said...

Cuba cari dalam plaza metro Kajang ..ada kedai jual duit jugak.

MGMSabri said...

tq simistri.
yup kt situ juga ada.
duit bermuda yg cantik tu sab beli kt metro kajang.
sab ada nk tulis pasal kedai tu juga.
nnti dlm post entry berikutnya.
siap dgn gmbr lgi.
hbs sapu semua note bermuda.

syiling peringatan malaysia said...

yang nko iklan lima ringgit siri empat tu betul ker gred AUNC... aku cam berminat la plak

MGMSabri said...

boleh je beli kt sab jika minat.
sab kurang pasti grade yg sebetulnya bgi wang tersebut.
mcm lbh kpd EF je.

Ezao' Edogawa said...

sabri dh baca kosmo???
td ada bce berita yg ada org nak jual duit lama-lama tak silap kat kedah... :)

MGMSabri said...

salam ezao,
Sabri ada baca kosmo tu.
Sabri tgk coin tu dh karat agak teruk.
harga ikut katalog dlm RM25 dan RM12 je.
mahu kumpul yg elok sikit.
Rasanya sab rasa org tu mau jual mahal....slalu begitu.

nas said...

wahhhh..da lain template blog kamu nie sab..
rajin gak ko mencari duit2 lama nie..
susa nk jumpa orang2 cm ko nie sab :)

MGMSabri said...

salam nas,
tq krn puji.hehehe..
really appreciate it.
just sbgi hobi di masa lapang.
skrg bz fokus kt study.
hehhe...slmt study nas.