Tuesday, August 24, 2010

FDC Setem Thomas/Uber Cup KL 2000

The Thomas Cup is the symbol of men’s team badminton supremacy.

In 1939, Sir George Alan Thomas presented this 78cm tall gilt trophy to the IBF as the challenge trophy for the world badminton tournament, the first of which was to be held in the same year. Unfortunately the Second World War broke out.

Sir George Thomas was an outstanding player in his time. He won many titles including four All-England singles title. He was also the first president of the IBF (1934-1955).

The first tournament at Preston, England in 1949, Malaya (now known as Malaysia) won the Cup after defeating Denmark 8 – 1 in the Finals. Malaysia has won the Cup four other times –in 1952, 1955, 1967 and 1992. Indonesia and China are the only other two winners throughout the history of the tournament.

A similar tournament for women was proposed by Mrs H. S. Uber, who herself was an outstanding player. In 1956, she presented the personally designed Uber Cup to the IBF.

In 1957, the first tournament for women was held in England. USA won the Cup beating Denmark 6 – 1.

USA went on to win next two championships. Japan won the Cup from USA in the fourth tournament in 1966. China and Indonesia are the other two winners.

From 1984, the Thomas/Uber Cup tournaments are held every two years.

The first tournament of the new millennium was held in Kuala Lumpur.

The miniature sheet depicts a male player preparing to deliver a power-packed smash towards his opponent’s court. To his right is coveted Thomas Cup. The years in reverse shown on top denote the years Malaysia emerged champions.

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