Sunday, May 23, 2010

Extra dot ker nih?

Yang ni coin 5 sen di mana pada nombor kosongnya ada timbul lbhn metalnya.
Xtau kategori apa nk letak.
Xtra dot ker?Fake ker?Cacat ker?
Ntah...jom layan je lah...

"Ni bhgn depan 5 sen tu,nmpk kelainannya...sab pn x nmpk..."

"Cube perhatikan kt nombor kosong tu...ada dot timbul"

"Nih bhgn belakangnya"

"Mcm double je boundarynya..."

1 comment:

nuchatter said...

Sabri, this is a typical example of a 'Die Chip' error with a small raised blobs of metal in certain design stress points. If you look at the die, the center part of the zero '0' is the raised area and it is easily chipped and break off forming this blob of metal in the coin.
Rarity- pretty common among our coins but it's good to keep for analysis. Enjoy